Brother Kapner explains:

“Why I Left Judaism”

The Present Disease and Vaccine(s) and Civil Turmoil

The Roman Catholic Church Vatican Jesuit Ecumenical Movement is not A Move of God But of Satan, and is not God’s Way of Unity in the Faith as the Jesuit Ecumenical Movement is of the NWO, whereas the Unity of the Faith of The Church of Christ Jesus is by Doctrine as Taught by God’s Holy Spirit ​

Perfect Storm 1839 For Apostasy and Strong Delusion

The error of the Jews in relation to scripture is that of rejection of The Truth of The GodHead, that He is one in number rather than Three Who derive their one in Their Agreement and Unity in purpose and activity.  This error can loom over Christians who do not understand the oneness of The Holy Spirit, Who is Seven Spirits united together in one purpose: to reveal Jesus, Christ (and in Hebrew Messiah) and The Son of The Living God. 

The Names of The Seven Spirits of God are:


In 1839 three elements coalesced that caused a doctrinal split in the Protestant Movement which redirected a huge sector of Protestants to the errors that are now resulting in what is clearly apostasy leading them into the Strong Delusion God is sending.  These three elements are:

Why Genocide?