In 1839 three elements coalesced that caused a doctrinal split in the Protestant Movement which redirected a huge sector of Protestants to the errors that are now resulting in what is clearly apostasy leading them into the Strong Delusion of Satan that God is sending.  These three elements are:

    1.  The Roman Catholic Church Priests, and particularly the Jesuit Priesthood, alarm at the Protestants belief that the Pope is the Antichrist. They began to seek a way into Protestant Churches with a means by which to direct Protestant attention away from the Pope as Antichrist.  They came up with the “Pre-Tribulation Rapture” doctrine and dispensational doctrine in which Antichrist would appear later, and sought a way to get these teachings widespread into Protestant Churches.  Without a doubt, the Roman Catholic Church Pope is Antichrist.   The quest of the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church was to deflect attention away from the Pope as Antichrist.

    2. Protestant Teacher, John Nelson Darby association with Roman Catholic Priests for several months after which, he began to propagate the “Pre-Tribulation Rapture” and dispensational doctrines which are referred to as Futurism or Dispensationalism. Futurism doctrines are the product of Roman Catholic Jesuit Priests Manuel Lacunza and Francisco Ribera in 1585, that contends Revelation has yet to come to pass.  Personally, I do believe The Revelation has its final and total and complete fulfillment in these latter days, but not their version of it.    It was by his association with Roman Catholic Priests and their influence that John Nelson Darby developed his, then novel doctrines, of Dispensationalism and Pre-Tribulational “Rapture” Doctrine. 

    3. The rise of what were called “Lovers of Zion” Jewish itinerate preachers going to synagogues and encouraging Jews to return to the Holy Land. Frankly, the word, “Jew” applies to Sephardic and Ashkenazim conversos.  Sephardic Jews are from Spain and fled, mostly, to Northern Africa.  In reality, Ashkenazim were Khazarians, whose people settled in the land that in ancient times was known as Magog, and their conversion was of a political expediency rather than a religious, and certainly not spiritual reason, but who, after about 100 years from the time of their “conversion” to Judaism, convinced themselves, and came to believe, that they were the authentic descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  As a race they are not a Semitic people.  They are from ancient Magog, which, today, is part of Turkey; and being Khazarians, they are not Semitic but are of Mongolian Nordic tribe.  They are not in any way by blood and DNA descent related to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and therefore, their recent claim to the Holy Land in Palestine, by reason of descent from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is fraudulent. 

These combined 1839 Jesuit efforts to turn Protestant attention from the Pope being Antichrist; the doctrinal introduction to futuristic doctrine and “rapture” by John Nelson Darby; the “Lovers of Zion” Jewish preachers promoting Jews to go to Palestine and claim the land for a homeland, these cumulative specific elements would lead in 1869 to Sabbatian  Rothschild Central Bankers financing of a party of Jews to go to the Holy Land and purchase some land there and begin a farming operation.

These elements would lead to the rise of the “Zionist” Movement as Theodore Hertzel began the Zionist Congress with plans set to propagate among the Jews the idea of a “Homeland” as a safe haven to which to flee in the face of persecution, with finance for purchase, and later terrorists for seizure of the land for the “return of the Jews to a Homeland”. 

Even so, if they were not Khazar imposters and were authentic non-believing in Messiah Jesus, The Son of The Living God, Jews, they would still be in direct contradiction to God’s Word that instructed them, in no uncertain terms, to not go back to the land and reenter the land to establish a nation among nations until the coming of Messiah Who will gather them beginning first with the remnant, the 144,000.    

This is one of the reasons I say, Satan has jumped out in front.  And, if we allow him to stay out in front, you can say goodbye forever as Protestant Christians to the America God gave us and every freedom we have known will vanish. 

All these events above, beginning in 1839,  then gave way for the introduction of the Cyrus Scofield Bible with notes that misinterpreted scripture that are specific to the Millennial Age.  The Scofield Bible notes  apply these scriptures to Jews and the Holy Land in Palestine, as belonging in this present Church Age, or Age of Grace.  With these false interpretations, they  justify their rebellion in doing exactly the opposite of what God told them NOT TO DO, which is reenter the land and set up a nation.  

Scofield served as the agent by which the Zionists Jews paralyzed Christianity by means of “Christian Zionism” while they are preparing America for their final conquest, at this moment, in league with Eugenicists in this “Pandemic”. 

What went on from the Trump White House, behind the scenes of this Pandemic and recent voter fraud ordeal, are implementation of plans to transfer  Christian foundation of the USA to a Judaism foundation.  The plan for all churches is to be brought under the authority of the Federal Education Department, through which Jewish Noahide Laws, already passed by Congress in 1991, and signed into law by many several presidents, will be implemented.

Scofield’s Bible enterprise was financed by Sabbatean Jews, in particular, Samuel Untermeyer, who later became chairman of the American Jewish Committee, president of the American League of Jewish Patriots, and chairman of the Non-sectarian Anti-Nazi League. 

Untermeyer was the Jewish blackmailer of President Woodrow Wilson, by which blackmail he got President Wilson to sign the 1913 law that made the way for establishment of the Federal Reserve Central Banking system handing over to the Federal Reserve’s private owners, the Sabbatian Rothschilds and their proxy agents, the total faith and credit of the USA citizenry; the appointment of the first Jewish Jurist, Justice Louis Brandeis; entrance of the USA into WWI, which was the set up for the introduction of the League of Nations, an earlier attempt at establishment of a New World Order.

But, with regard to the Protestant Movement, Untermeyer’s taking possession of the copyright and publishing of the Scofield Bible with its dissemination into Protestant Churches, was the most damaging, and far reaching of all these enterprises.

Equally as well, the Zionist Jews who are promoting the present state of “Israel”, calling for all Jewish people everywhere to come to the land, are setting themselves up for a big fall. 

They are expecting a war with certain nations that are hostile to the State of Israel, and expecting Yahweh, our God, to enact the supernatural power that will kill 5/6 of the invading army, in the battle they are saying will be with Gog and Magog.

Because they do not recognize the fact that they themselves are Magog who have come and occupied the Holy Land as if they are the authentic and not imposters, they do not realize they will be overrun and have to flee for their lives, most of whom will flee to Egypt, which is the beginning of their being gathered to their “Valley of Dry Bones”. 

It appears that the “Israel” Nation is in an extremity of distress,  in their pride having taken the lead  in this Pandemic “to show the world the way to deal with it,” and thus, “vaccinating” every citizen and persecuting those who see through this wickedness, they have set themselves up for a catastrophic mass murder by their own leadership.