A Very Short Story - A Father And His Children

The Story

There was a certain man who was an independent logger. He had five children. His main operation was concerned with firewood and was a family business.

Logging is a very dangerous enterprise.

Felling trees can be a risky affair.

Running chainsaws have no mercy on carelessness.

Trucks can be as dangerous in the woods as on the road…even more so!

Tractors also can hurt when encountered the wrong way.

Then there are mechanized wood splitters that can cut off body parts that are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Certainly, in this wussy age of turtle helmets for bicycle riders, children taken into such an environment would for most people, be considered “child abuse”.

But, in that age of the realities of life circumstances, the father speaking about it said, “you do what you gotta do” and so, to the woods they all went, father and children.

The two eldest children played rough and were picking on each other as children do, so, the father had to get it across to the children that this was no place for roughhousing and malingering and not paying attention, with the necessity for absolute obedience and do it now when told to do something. On their very first day in the woods, the very first thing the father did was interrupt the children’s bullying each other and with his flat hand smacked them sharply across the face. This got their attention in the manner necessary that conveyed the message, “I mean business!”

From that day forward in the family business, the father placed each child where he was to safely be and accounted for each and every one of his five children before

a vehicle was moved,

a chainsaw was cranked,

a tree was felled,

a splitter was started.

This is what the father said about the industry, “Never once in years of this kind of work did any of my little crew suffer so much as a scratch.”

So, why has God allowed this “pandemic” and the next phases of turmoil to follow? 

This is a slap on the face to get the attention of The Church of Jesus Christ going apostate and heading toward Strong Delusion. 

We can either wake up to the reality that The Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom, or we can continue on into an otherwise avoidable Satanic nightmare of horrific proportions.