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My name is Kenneth A. Davis.

I am called by The Lord Jesus Christ to, with Him, begin to lay The Foundation of Christian Faith for the Unity in the Faith of The Body of Christ, The Temple of God of Believers.  

My wife, Rebecca, and I, conduct our ministry through these websites: https://goldenpotofmanna.net  https://goldenpotofmanna.org 

and  goldenpotofmanna.com

Our operation is in an area close to a small town, Wendell, NC, near Raleigh, NC. 

The Lord Jesus Christ is now restoring The Foundation of the Christian Faith in which First Century Christians were very well versed, but which has since been lost to The Body of Christ for two millennium.  We are called to that particular and specific operation. 

The Foundation is laid by and in the Melchizedek Intercession of Christ Jesus connecting The Holy Spirit of God to the Doctrine of the Christian Faith: The Seven Spirits of God to the Seven Absolute, No Compromise, Non-Negotiable Foundation Doctrines of the Christian Faith.