Further in this website you will see that the players involved in this Pandemic have devised 39 Steps to their New World Order.  Here we introduce the first three:

1. Create a very contagious but low mortality rate virus

2. Create a much higher mortality rate virus as a backup plan

3. Have the deadly virus ready to be released in Phase III – but only if needed: (SARS – HIV – MRVS).  Simulate the LOCKSTEP scenario just prior to the release of the planned research strain  (this  was the Rockefeller Pandemic Plan written in 2010 and simulation rehearsal was held in October, 2018, the Gates and Davos Event 201, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, using a real-world exercise as the final world game to determine the expected response timelines and outcomes)

The takeover is in Four Phases.  We are at the tail end of Phase I and have just now entered into Phase II.  The low mortality rate virus has done what it was devised to do. 

In this video below we find described what is the much higher morality rate virus to be released in Phase III.

"Francis Boyle Coronavirus Wuhan Biological Weapon The Truth Interview"