Steve and Yana Ben Nuns of Israeli News Live in the following three videos show the plan of the leadership of Israel to impose a theocracy government on the citizens of Israel against their will. This move of the “religious” sector of the nation is a grab for power towards their ultimate goal of imposing themselves as rulers of the New World Order- one world government.

These three are must watch videos for clarity of what is planned for, not only Israelis, but for what they plan for the United States of America as well.  Part 1 WATCH:


                       Part 2: 

                           Part 3


Arthur Katz

Jewish Christian believer, Arthur Katz, was known among believing Jews and believing Gentiles  alike as, “The Prince of Jewish Preachers”. He was born and raised by Jewish parents in Brooklyn, NY. He became a self-proclaimed atheist and Marxist Communist until He converted to Christianity in 1963. His ministry spanned from then until his death in 2007.

Katz preached against what he described as the lack of character, seriousness and proper motivations of Christians, in the first years of his ministry. In his later years, from 1986 until his death in 2007, Katz spoke about the coming destruction and redemption of the Jewish people and their relationship with Christians.

Satan’s Jews have promoted and propagandized and vociferously declared as dogma that the German Nazi Holocaust of Jews was the “Valley of Dry Bones” of Ezekiel 37.  

Not so.

The German Nazi Holocaust did not produce the results declared by God to Ezekiel that the genuine and true “Valley of Dry Bones” will produce, which is, a remnant turned back to God, who come to know by the workings of God in that ordeal that, in His words, “I Am The LORD”, LORD being the King James Version of the Bible’s way of saying, “I Am Yahweh, The Eternal, Self-Existent, Covenant Making God, The I Am That I Am, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”  This remnant is made to know God in this way by their upcoming “Valley of Dry Bones” and thereby be qualified by this scriptural dictate to enter the Holy Land.

The Hebrew children do not enter the Holy Land, and stay, in an unsaved, unsanctified condition.  They have to come to salvation in Jesus and be sanctified, which is the meaning of their entering the land by coming in “under the rod”.  All who have come other ways are of Satan, the devil.  Satan always enters in the surreptitious ways.  This is what is being seen now as “Jews” come to the land, but not by Jesus, under the rod of His Salvation and sanctification.


Raised Jewish, Brother Kapner, in the video below, has a unique position having converted to become a Christian joined to the Greek Orthodox Church. He explains to fellow Christians and Patriots, what Judaism and its offspring, Zionism, is actually all about, and who is involved: This video posted Nov. 14, 2013 is Mirrored from AntiSiyon Türkiye YT Channel: FAIR USE: and is entitled “EX Jew: Zionism; The Religion Of The Antichrist” Brother Kapner’s website is accessed at


The Hebrew Children have been going about attempting to make themselves “rulers of the world” by their own self-righteousness.  They have been as busy as bees, with no little help from “Christians” who are being misled by them  in the artificial fulfillment of prophecy, applying both, already fulfilled scripture and future Millennial Prophecy to today.  In the genuine and true “Valley of Dry Bones” they declare and God hears, “All our hope by which we have gone about to establish  our selves by our own self-righteousness is gone and we have failed.  We have come to the end of ourselves and we have failed.  This is the end of the Hebrew, Jewish journey.”

What is going to bring them to that conclusion?  The loss of and expulsion from the land with the closing of every door – save the only one door of our God’s choosing- which, by a somewhat circuitous route by way of Egypt, Deuteronomy 28:68, actually takes them to their “Valley of Dry Bones”. 

What “unity” they have had has been the land as an insurance of a place to which to flee if and when persecution arose again.  But,  with the loss of this insurance policy on which they have relied gone, and their gathering to their “Valley of Dry Bones”, they say it this way, “Our bones are dried (all religious, secular, occult and atheist self-righteousness is wrung totally out ) our hope is lost (our quest to “rule the world with Abraham!” has become a vain and empty promise to us), we are cut off for our parts (at the pinnacle of their pride just when they believe, as did Cain, they have mastered the thorns and thistles posed by the land and other nations opposing their self-righteous efforts of their works in the land that had lain desolate for almost 2,000 years, suddenly they lose it all and flee for their lives from the land they called “home”!  Like Cain, upon God’s rejection of his person and his offering from the cursed ground which he brought to God in pride, they are in a stupor and depression as to “why?”  What they believed was “success” they find that in the eyes of God, their self-righteousness by which they got their gains is nothing more than “filthy rags”, a polite translation with the true meaning in Hebrew being, “menstruation” “garments”, i.e., soiled sanitary napkins,  Isaiah 64:6:

But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy (menstruation) rags (cloths); and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.”

Every Hebrew and Jew who was an egg  in the womb of the wife of Yahweh, not conceived and fertilized by the sperm that is Jesus is washed out of the womb in the menstrus blood which is the self-righteousness of the Hebrews and Jews rejecting Jesus, God’s only Messiah and only Son of The Living God. 

This acknowledgment of the failure of their self-sufficiency in error of what God has actually and truly said and/or apart from God,  is what God has been waiting to hear from that quarter and this is the point at which God makes Himself known and begins the revelation  of salvation, sanctification, and restoration by His Rod, The LORD Jesus Christ through The Holy Spirit.   Every Hebrew who enters the Holy Land must enter under this Rod. 

The surviving Jews of the German Nazi Holocaust have emerged with their fist raised in the face of God, and humanity, shouting, “NEVER AGAIN!”  And, have profaned the Name of God more here, in our land of North America,  and in every place they have been permitted to be, than what they did in Germany, and preceding that as Bolshevics in Russia, and before that as Young Turks in Armenia,  that led to their ordeal of the German Nazi Holocaust.

Their “Valley of Dry Bones” is in front of them, not behind them, as they would have you believe.

In the same manner as they have resorted to artificial fulfillment of prophecy with regard to the German Nazi Holocaust being the “Valley of Dry Bones”, and the bringing forth the Modern State of “Israel” in contradiction to scripture that forbade them to do so, they will foster off on, whoever will accept him in this out of frame time, an artificial  “Antichrist” and pass him off as their “messiah” before the time and circumstance allotted for the revealing of the real Antichrist, the  “Man of Sin” and “Son of Perdition”. 

Fake “jews”.

Fake “Israel”.

Fake “messiah”. 

Revelation 2:9:

  1. I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. 

This is why the Church must be The Church and stand up and against this “pandemic” non-sense that Satan, through his minions, is fostering off on the whole world in his and their premature grab for world power.