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Remember when you said you were going to lock up Hillary? 

And then,  you locked all of us up instead?

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Contact tracing is a process that uses teams of investigators to find out with whom infected people have come into contact.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is seen in this California State Government photograph introducing the "Contact and Trace" program in California. Please notice in photograph below, these people know exactly what they are doing in patterning Contact and Trace after the old German Nazi Gestapo police and East German Stasi police.

The German Nazi Gestapo sent fear at the very mention of their  name.  Later, after WWII, the Communist East German Soviet Zone occupation Stasi was equally, if not more, feared and hated.    The Stasi relied in large measure on neighbors spying on their neighbors and reporting them to Stasi agents.

Catherine Austin Fitts is the president of Solari, Inc., the publisher of The Solari Report and managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC.

Fitts served as managing director and member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. Inc.. She has also worked as the president of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc., an investment bank and financial software developer, and Assistant Secretary of Housing – Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development — during the first Bush Administration.

Greg Hunter is the producer and creator of Greg Hunter’s

This video with Bill Gates and Jeffery Epstein is from : “Who Is Bill Gates?” (Full Documentary, 2020)
Published by Corbett Report Extras Jun 13, 2020, TRANSCRIPT AND DOWNLOAD:
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$100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal Negotiated By Bill Gates With Democratic Congressman Sponsor Of The Bill, Bobby L. Rush, Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic

The point of this story is that this happened SIX MONTHS BEFORE any virus was released and political operatives, inside government, and corporate opportunist in colusion with them, have managed to wreck havoc with our lives in their psychopathic, tyranical grab for power, here in the USA and the world over. 

The shocking revelations were unveiled by two investigators, John Moynihan and Larry Doyle.

The story has been denied and claimed to be false.

But, the fact remains, Congressman Bobby Rush did introduce legislation as is described; and it is an officially document fact that Patent WO/2020/060606 was registered on 26 March 2020, filed by Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC, headed by Bill Gates, June 20, 2019, and, April 22,  2020.  This   patent is granted international status.  The title of the patent is “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data”. 

Gates is a eugenicist and and a businessman intent on making profit from this ordeal in which he is a major player having brought about this suffering.  It is in his interest to have everyone surveiled and marked as part of the overall “plandemic” program.  It is part of the bottom line for depopulation and for his corporate profit.  


The story has it that a $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal was negotiated by Bill Gates with Democratic Congressman Sponsor Of The Bill, Bobby L. Rush, SIX MONTHS BEFORE Coronavirus “Plandemic” was fostered off on the world at large.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation helped negotiate who would score a $100 Billion government-backed contact tracing contract in August 2019 – SIX MONTHS BEFORE the ‘pandemic’ arrived in the United States and FOUR MONTHS BEFORE it swept through China.

The investigative duo revealed that representatives from the Gates Foundation met with U.S. Congressman Bobby L. Rush at a meeting in Rwanda, East Africa, in mid August 2019 to determine to whom the windfall from the government contract tracing program. And, nine months after the meetings with the Gates Foundation in Rwanda, Rush, a Democrat from Illinois, introducedd the $100 BILLION H.R. 6666, THE COVID-19 Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act.

Congressman Rush went to Rwanda with his wife August 12th to 19th, 2019 to take part in talks during a week-long event underwritten by the Bill andMelinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.



Rwanda just happens to be the place of the 1994 genocide in which 800,000 were slaughtered. The 100 days of killings began in Rwanda’s capital city of Kigali in April – July. The “Interahamwe” (“those who strike as one” – such as Globalist Judaiacs and Eugenicist in “Lockstep”), an anti-Tutsi youth organization established by Hutu extremists, set up roadblocks (“shelter in place”). They checked identification cards (such as “contact and trace”) and killed all who were Tutsi (“non-compliant”). 


Look at the number of the House Bill Congressman Rush introduced for the “Contact and Trace” law and financing:
H.R. 6666.

Is someone sending a message?


Surely not!

Just imagination.  Let’s get back to the …. “new”?… normal …

 I like the “old” normal better. 

What do you think?

Contact Tracing Group Funded By Bill Gates & George Soros

May 12, 2020 Niamh Harris News, US : FAIR USE:

Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker has chosen a group called ‘Partners in Health’ to conduct Coronavirus “contact tracing.”  The group, received funding from  Open Society Foundation, Jewish Founder, George Soros, and Eugenicist,  Bill Gates.

National Files reports: The group is already “training and deploying hundreds of contract tracers.”   Some citizens fear the potential for mass surveillance posed by contact tracing, especially in light of Partners In Health’s a Democrat-introduced bill in Congress to authorize contact tracing “at individuals’ residences.”
Involvement will not assuage many fears, considering the group has received funding from George Soros and Bill Gates organizations and counts Chelsea Clinton on its board of trustees.

Partners in Health lists George Soros’ Open Society Foundations as an official partner, along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Partners In Health lists Open Society Foundations  as a supporter to the tune of $1 million or above, on its 2015 annual report, along with the Gates Foundation.  Chelsea Clinton serves on Partners in Health’s Board of Trustees, according to its 2019 annual report.

George Soros- an Old Hand at "Contact and Tracing" from His Youth

In this video clip below from Winter Watch website, George Soros tells in his own words about his first experience with “Contact and Tracing” as a 14 year old, betraying his fellow Jews to the Nazis who confiscated their property and loaded them up on cattle cars and sent them to their deaths.

Certainly, any humane person will forgive a 14 year old child in fear for his life for this behavior, but what about, as of this date, a man in his 90’s, with billions of “philanthropy” Foundation dollars, contributing finances for this latter day “Contact and Tracing” Gestapo, Stasi program to steal the lives and property of adults and children?

Yes, as Christians we forgive him, but…he is in no way excused!

Let us pray to our God, Who was once the God of Soros’ ancient fathers, to take away his psychopath mind and give him the Mind of Christ and His shed blood for his salvation, to use his billions, not for death of his fellow man, but for their life by the gospel of the true Jewish Messiah, The Son of the living God, Jesus.