Here's What It Means That Satan Has Jumped Out in Front

In the last days of His earthly ministry, before Jesus went to Jerusalem where He knew He was going to be betrayed, falsely accused, falsely arrested, falsely found guilty of blasphemy, handed up to be crucified, shed His blood and die, be buried three days and three nights and then, by The Spirit of Holiness,  rise back to life again from the dead, He took His disciples out of the way to Caesarea Philippi, to a Shrine Alexander the Great had built to the devil, “Pan”, to whom Alexander attributed his success as “Conqueror of the World”, and this shrine was at a place called, the “Bottomless Pit”.

This area, the “Bottomless Pit” is below Mt. Hermon, the highest mountain in Israel and Syria. These two, Mt. Hermon and the “Bottomless Pit” have a common Luciferian/Satanic connection.

It was on Mr. Hermon the fallen angels, devils, who have become the “spiritually wicked in heavenly places” overseeing and directing Satanic activity through men on earth from the dimension called “Second Heaven”, descended onto earth and began to wreck sinful havoc in and on the human race. The “Bottomless Pit” is thought by worshipers of “Pan” to be the entrance to Hell where are demons who seek out on earth bodies of mankind to inhabit and manifest through the human host whatever kind of expression the demon is.  And one human person’s spirit, soul and body can be host to thousands of demons.

Devils are fallen angels who rebelled with Lucifer. Demons are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim, the offspring of devils, fallen angels, using human women, to produce hybrid, half fallen angel or devil, and half human, who were destroyed in the Great Flood, documented in scripture.  It is speculated by some that among or with them are demons from an earlier  epoch before this seven thousand years epoch in which we are now living.  

“Pan” is the “supreme” Nephilim, who is the king over the demons, the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim, of the “Bottomless Pit”.

Luciferians are those who want to be gods in the place of God and The Holy Spirit. The Illuminati is composed of those whose main purpose is to bring about a New World Order and place the person, Antichrist, at the pinnacle of its government as the person of the perfection of  a new kind of humanity, or rather a transhumanity, who, Illuminatist refer to him, according to formner Illuminatist, Doc Marque, as, “the king of despots!” 

This is what the Mark of the Beast is about, it is a massive dose of nanobots injected into all who receive it, which nanobots actually take over the body and change the DNA and make a person the “slave” or a “robot” in the will of other persons, i.e., transhumans controlled by Illuminatist. 

Satanists are those who hate, reject, renounce, and revile Jesus as Messiah and Son of The Living God. They hate the Church of Christ Jesus. These are primarily Jews and any other Hebrew children, as well as several other of Gentiles, who reject, renounce, revile and escortiate Jesus Christ and the Church of Christ Jesus.

This devil, “Pan”, has different names in different languages to different peoples. Lately he is known as “Baphomet” in the Western World, to the Hebrews as “Abbadon”, in the Greek language, “Apollyon”. “Pan” is the word that means, “universal” and it is from this word that is derived, “panic” and another word now very much universally on the lips of people in whatever language all over the world, “pandemic”.

There, at Caesarea Philippi at the shrine of “Pan” at the entrance to the cave of the “Bottomless Pit”, Jesus asked this question, “Who do men say that I, The Son of Man, am?” The disciples reported there were several answers, “some say John the Baptist”, “some say Jeremias”, “some say one of the other of the prophets”. Then Jesus asked, “Whom do you say that I The Son of Man am?” And Simon Peter said, “You are Messiah and The Son of The Living God” to which Jesus replied:

“…Blessed art thou, Simon Son of Johah: for flesh and blood has not revealed it to you, but My Father which is in heaven. And I say also to you, that you are Peter, (a little rock) and upon this rock (the huge and massive rock of the confession of all to whom The Father has revealed that Jesus is Messiah and is The Son of The Living God) I will build My Church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give to you the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

Then Jesus charged His disciples that they should tell no man that He was Jesus the Christ until after they were empowered by The Holy Spirit of God at Pentecost.  At that moment Jesus began to show His disciples how that he must go to Jerusalem, and suffer betrayal, and false accusations and many things of the elders, chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day.

Then Peter took Him, the same Peter who, had the great Revelation of Jesus Christ from The Father, began to rebuke Him, saying, “Be it far from Thee, Lord: this shall not be unto thee”, to which Jesus turned, and said to Peter, “Get thee behind Me, Satan: you are an offence to Me: for you savour not the things that be of God, but those that be of men”.

“Get behind Me, Satan,” can be translated, “Follow behind Me, Satan!” Meaning, Satan is not to jump out ahead in front of Jesus and His, including you and me.

Not then. Not now.

You see, Satan is instructed by God to follow behind, and wherever the gospel has been preached, he can tempt the hearers and believers with doubt, unbelief, and heretical errors to steal them away, if he can, from God. Notice please, Antichrist cannot be revealed until and unless an “what” and an “He” have been taken out of the way, and then, and only then, can he be revealed to those he has deceived that he is the awaited messiah.   There are many prophecy observers who say the “what” is the Church of Jesus Christ and the “He” is The Holy Spirit of God. 

Personally, I believe the “what” is the “falling away”, and I further believe that this “falling away” is now in progress to those professing “christians” who are “going on” without the “permit of God”, thinking they are “going on to maturity”, Hebrews 6:3, when, in reality they are heading into the most insidious deception Satan has devised that will result in their “denying” Jesus, Hebrews 6:6. 

Their problem is that they do not have the scriptural accepted FOUNDATION, Hebrews 6:1-3.       

The name, Antichrist, shows a certain connection to Christ in that he is anti, which is against, and is asserting himself to be in the place of Christ.  He started out in some way connected to Christ but turned against Christ and sought to present himself as Christ in the place of Christ.   

There are those in pulpits and in pews, in articles and in books, on the radio, tv, and internet air presumptuously proclaiming that all prophesy has been fulfilled and therefore Jesus’ return is imminent and Antichrist can now be revealed.




Yes, Jesus can return at any moment.

The date and time of His return, as He said, is held in secret by The Father. Do they know something Jesus did not know as a Man on earth in His first coming?  Do these presumers have greater access to The Father than did Jesus, His Son?

Satan is counting on you believing, thinking, and speaking that “all prophecy has been fulfilled” so he can have a greater opportunity to lure you into “falling away” into his delusions and spring his trap on you into denying Jesus and thereby legally claim your soul forever.  The “falling away” is now in progress as those who are not truly Founded in authentic and genuine Christian Foundation Doctrine of Hebrews 6:1-3, are prey to the Strong Delusion Ecumenism and Jewish rabbinic heresy. 

As a point of fact, there are two definitive operations of The GodHead that have to be fulfilled before Antichrist can be revealed, then, Antichrist has to be revealed before the Mark of the Beast is presented before the people, to be rejected or accepted by them.